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Blog: Falcon Freedom Flight to Ukraine

April 15, 2022
Blog: Falcon Freedom Flight to Ukraine

April 15, 2022:

Over the last week, Ukraine Freedom Alliance has been in Poland and Ukraine ensuring the successful delivery of 1,000+ lbs. of aid to those in need. Our team is on the ground making sure our materials pipeline is fully operational and effectively delivering direct aid to Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war.

The first UFA Falcon Freedom Flight – our inaugural direct aid lift into the conflict area – has focused on medical support for Ukraine Special Operations services and civilians. UFA delivered over 1,000 lbs. of combat medical aid including tourniquets, trauma gauze, chest seals, anti-shock meds, and M-9 medical backpacks. True to our mission, all aid supplied is non-lethal and ITAR-free. Thanks to the contributions of some of the best combat surgeons in America, UFA was also able to provide invaluable high quality combat trauma orthopedic stabilization equipment during the mission.

We were grateful to be able to tour and better understand the destruction and occupation of towns north, west, and south of Kyiv. Places like Borodianka, Bucha, Hostomel, and Irpin were devastated and among the sites impacted by the worst Russian atrocities. We’re grateful to continue to support Ukraine State Emergency Services (SES) search and rescue efforts, and are looking forward to building on what we started with search and rescue drone training and the donation last month of 10 drone systems.

Seeing the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in the Kyiv battle area displaced and many more without power, water, or other basic necessities, our mission is more important than ever to deliver expedition-based power for heat and cooking, medical supplies, non-lethal military aid, and additional support to those whose lives have been upended by the war.

Our continued experience in Ukraine removes all doubt that one of the biggest challenges facing humanitarian efforts in the country is the timely and direct delivery of aid to those who can use it most effectively. Right now, logistics challenges and the danger of the conflict continue to delay the delivery and distribution of important supplies. UFA is working with our partners, like the Ukraine Special Operations community, to cut through supply snarls and expedite high value humanitarian relief straight to those in need.

We are grateful to continue to support the Ukraine Special Operations Forces, Ukraine Ministry of Health, and Ukraine SES. Thank you to all the officials involved in our visits to the country to date, especially the Defense Committee of the Ukraine Parliament, Ukraine Special Operations Command, and the Office of the President.

Looking ahead, we’re also thankful for our local refugee assistance and food assistance partners as we prepare to deliver tons in food assistance to them through our invaluable partnership with the UPS Foundation. We look forward to conducting ongoing flights of humanitarian aid made possible by the UPS Foundation in the near future. UFA is continuing to to raise awareness of needs on the ground, including additional medical and first aid kits to those defending Ukrainian freedom, refugees, and other victims of the conflict.

Our Partners
We have been proud to partner with many great organizations on this push, including the Global SOF Foundation, who rallied the Ft. Bragg special operations medic community to contribute to the airlift; the Hospital for Special Surgery, who provided additional combat stabilization equipment; Air Center Helicopters, who was an invaluable partner supplying and flying the Falcon 900 EX; and BRINC Drones, who previously provided search and rescue drone systems to the effort.

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