Charting Our Progress


UPS Foundation Lift Donation

In partnership with the Ukraine Freedom Alliance, The UPS Foundation will facilitate the donation of tons of available cargo space on upcoming UPS flights to Poland to deliver critical supplies across the border into Ukraine.

“The UPS Foundation is proud to support the unique, strategic delivery capabilities of the Ukraine Freedom Alliance. Combining the logistics and operational power of UPS with the pipeline established by the Ukraine Freedom Alliance helps deliver life-saving and sustaining humanitarian relief to those in dire need, supplementing our existing partnerships.”

-Nicole Clifton, President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation


Food Supply

Thanks to Feed the Hunger, Ukraine Freedom Alliance helped provide:

  • 84,800 lbs. / 64 pallets of dehydrated rice and vegetables, equivalent to 370,000 meals
  • A donation valued at $160,000
  • Food aid went to a network of Ukrainian refugee operations

UPS Foundation Lift Donation

Working with CitiHope and St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Silver Spring, MD, Ukraine Freedom Alliance helped provide:

  • 23,000 lbs. / 49 pallets of medicine, including antibiotics and other life-sustaining medications
  • A donation valued at over $2 million
  • Donated and distributed by the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kyiv, Ukraine

Non-Lethal Military Aid

The Fort Bragg combat medic community stepped up to the plate and facilitated the transport of critical combat medical supplies:

  • 1,500 lbs. of combat medical supplies donated to Ukrainian special operations forces
  • Shipment included M-9 medical squad bags, bulk tourniquets, chest seals, trauma gauze and more
  • A donation valued at over $30,000

Combat Medical Aid

Working with the Hospital for Special Surgery, Ukraine Freedom Alliance helped provide life-saving combat trauma orthopedic surgical equipment:

  • Stabilizers and external fixation equipment
  • A donation valued at $65,000
  • This elite combat equipment was donated to a forward hospital in a war zone in Ukraine


In conjunction with BRINC Drones, Ukraine Freedom Alliance facilitated and helped coordinate the donation of over 50 cutting edge sUAS BRINC drones:

  • Drones utilized for search, rescue, and reconnaissance missions
  • A donation valued at $750,000
  • Donated to Ukraine State Emergency Services, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, and Ukraine Special Operations

Visual Battlespace Analytics

Thanks to Reveal Technology, Ukraine Freedom Alliance helped facilitate new visual analytics technology:

  • The donation of and training for 10 Reveal “Farsight” visual analytics drone systems for battlefield awareness and search and rescue operations
  • A donation valued at $117,000

Ukraine Freedom Alliance Action Fund

Delivering $5 million in aid via upcoming missions
Combat Medical Supplies

Our upcoming shipment will deliver $250,000 in combat medical supplies:

  • 600 Combat Level Individual First Aid Kits
  • 600 Tourniquets, 300 Chest Seals, 600 OLAES Bandage (with Hemostatic Gauze), 600 4" OLAES Modular, 10 Foxtrot Litter, 10 Phantom Litter, 50 Pelvic/LE Splint
  • 160 Aid Bags
  • 600 Nasopharyngeal Kits, 600 Needle Decompression Kits

Future shipments will deliver even more medical aid, including additional combat trauma orthopedic surgical equipment.

Providing Combat Medical Services with Global Response Management

With Ukraine Freedom Alliance help, Global Response Management (GRM) became the only medical NGO cleared to perform surgery and medicine in Ukraine.

Currently, four medical training and surgical teams are deployed across the country to Territorial Defense and hospital sites prioritized to the front line or engaged in front line care. GRM’s training teams consist of veteran combat medics, veteran special operations medics, adult emergency medicine physicians from Level 1 trauma facilities, pediatric emergency medicine physicians from Level 1 trauma facilities, nurses from Level 1 trauma facilities, and trauma surgeons.

WHO will not financially support medical training programs that provide front line care in combat zones, despite this being the highest-yield result for such activities. For this reason, we are seeking supplemental funding for the training program to augment the hundreds of thousands of dollars GRM’s physician, paramedic, and nurse volunteers have already contributed.

Non-Lethal Strategic and Tactical Capabilities
$1 Million

Ukraine Freedom Alliance is planning the provision of:

  • Additional sUAS Drones and other thermal and battlespace awareness and communication capabilities and unmanned systems
  • Counter Unmanned Systems
  • Tactical Communications and Security
  • Optical, Thermal, and Radar Sensors
Combat Mobility Vehicles
$3+ Million

Ukraine Freedom Alliance aims to deliver:

  • 100 Tactical Soft Skin 4x4 Vehicles needed by Ukraine special operations
  • Source of vehicles is in-region and can be freight delivered in 7-10 days
  • The cost of each vehicle is approximately $35,000 delivered