Ukraine Freedom Alliance

Our Mission

    As the United States organizes to respond to the greatest crisis in Europe since World War II, we must once again step forward to fill the gap in American resolve as we wait for the forces of democracy to rally. In the words of the immortal Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.”

    Many in the United States military have spent their lives either preparing for war or in combat so the next generation would never have to experience the indescribable tragedy, waste, and horror of war. Countless other Americans have dedicated their lives to establishing and preserving democracy and freedom in Eastern Europe and around the world. The Ukraine Freedom Alliance is dedicated to doing everything in its power to support those fighting for these ideals.

    About Ukraine Freedom Alliance

    The Ukraine Freedom Alliance unites the leadership of former special operators, defense logistics experts, humanitarian and medical aid specialists, and hard-working American volunteers to make a difference in the fight for freedom in Ukraine. Our leadership has worked closely with government officials representing Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, and Poland, among other nations, in the region. Ukraine Freedom Alliance has received endorsements and authorization to partner with these key officials to support this critical project.

    The leadership of the Ukraine Freedom Alliance is uniquely qualified to help assist in connecting American civil society and retired military to provide support to the government of Ukraine.

    Our Leadership


    Phil Anderson
    President, Ukraine Freedom Alliance

    Senior Advisors

    Marc Andersen
    Advisor, Global SOF Foundation and Senior Partner, EY

    Maj. Gen. Mark A. Clark, USMC (Retired)
    Former MARSOC Commander

    Chris Cox
    Former DAP for Legislative Affairs, White House

    Doug Distaso
    Former U.S. Air Force and Special Assistant to the Vice Commander, USSOCOM

    Nick Etten
    Former Navy SEAL

    Tom Harvey
    U.S. Army (Ret.), Eastern Europe/Russia White House NSC

    Stephen L. Jones
    Former Navy Aviator

    Andy Keiser
    Former Senior Advisor, U.S. House Intelligence Committee

    Michael Lumpkin
    Former ASD SO/LIC and State Department Special Envoy

    Christopher C. Miller
    Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense

    Hossein Mousavi
    Senior Ukraine Advisor

    Denver Riggleman
    Former U.S. Congressman and Air Force Intelligence Officer

    Scott Sinder
    Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

    Gregory Slayton
    Former U.S. Diplomat and Professor

    Lt. Gen. Tom J. Trask, USAF (Retired)
    Former Vice Commander, USSOCOM

    Organizations We Support

    The Ukraine Freedom Alliance supports other leading nonprofit organizations who have stepped into the breach to save Ukraine and its people. Ukraine Freedom Alliance provides coordination, organization, and educational services to connect individuals and organizations offering aid and volunteers to these organizations.

    If you are interested in supporting these organizations, contact us at to learn more.

    Fellowship of Fathers Foundation
    Humanitarian and Refugee Assistance
    Global Response Management
    Medical Assistance
    World Central Kitchen
    Food Assistance
    ICF Kvity
    International Assistance
    Humanitarian and Health Assistance