Help Support the People of Ukraine

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.”

As the United States organizes to respond to the greatest crisis in Europe since World War II, we must once again step forward to fill the gap in American resolve as we wait for the forces of democracy to rally.

The Ukraine Freedom Alliance is a group of American patriots, service organizations, and industry partners providing aid and volunteers to stand up against Russian aggression and roll back the forces of totalitarianism. Together, we can harness the American spirit to provide direct aid to the people of Ukraine.


Delivering Combat Medical Supplies

Ukraine Freedom Alliance is delivering non-lethal combat medical supplies – combat bags, IFAK medical kits, M-9 medical backpacks, and more – to those in need on the front lines. Your contributions help support these critical aid transports.


UFA and UPS Providing Direct Aid

We’re proud to partner with the UPS Foundation on a direct aid transport and logistics campaign to deliver humanitarian aid ranging from food to medical supplies into Ukraine. Learn more about how we’re meeting needs on the ground.

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Supporting Medical Response Organizations

Ukraine Freedom Alliance Supports the critical medical training and medical services being provided by Global Response Management, a veteran-led international NGO. Global Response Management is working with organizations like UFA to provide help and life-saving medical aid to Ukrainian refugees.

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    Organizations We Support

    Fellowship of Fathers Foundation
    Global Response Management
    World Central Kitchen
    ICF Kvity